Consumer Product Research Panels to Guide Brand Decisions

CEC Research is a trusted and valuable consumer research partner for companies throughout the tri-state area.  Consumers use and experience hundreds – maybe thousands – of products regularly.  Consumers have opinions and their product selection choices are sensory driven.  Sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing – CEC Research is committed to uncovering consumer opinions and how every aspect of the senses relate to consumer needs, preferences, experiences and decisions.  Our consumer research panel study results provide invaluable guidance for brand and product development, market positioning and improvement.


A Customized Consumer Product Research Approach the Yields Results

CEC Research provides personalized solutions to meet diverse consumer product and sensory research needs of clients from the flavor, fragrance and consumer product industries.  Our approach is proven and it begins with understanding the unique and specific needs of our clients, study objectives and data end use.  Our steadfast commitment to research excellence, proven methodologies, unmatched attention to detail and diverse consumer database combine to yield actionable results.